Wednesday, May 28, 2008

nightmare update

back home ,

Lovely Liselott just made it up as I was preparing my application for a new passport.
Then Kairen in the studio called to say someone in Nice had called to say they had my bag.
So fingers, and indeed all extremities crossed , the bag will find its way back to me this week.
I am supposed to go to Brussels again on hopefully.

Thanks for the kind words fellow bloggers.

Its a tough old week, supposed to be finishing everything for the Chi Rho page this week as well as tidying up the editing on Friday. Tight . tight . tight.

I think I can keep up via internet and Hobsoft and all...but its not the same as being there...

oh boyoyoboy


  1. O hugs Tomm - had a bit of scare flying to new york at the weekend when I thought my bag had gone walkies but thankfully it turned up. Its an awful feeling - thou fingers crossed this has a happy ending.

  2. O poor Tomm *hugs* looks like its getting sorted - could be worse I'm trapped in a room infested with roaches!

  3. Chin up. At least someone called about the bag.

  4. Hey man

    Good to hear you're gonna be getting you bag back. Id say there's nothing worse(well I guess I could think of a few things). Taking my mates laptop to FMX this year I was super conscious of it and feared losing it in transit more than anything else...

    .. Speaking of FMX I caught the talk Mr Paul Young gave there. Id been waiting a long time to see some animated stuff, since I'd seen production work in Kilkenny a couple of years back and I certainly wasn't disappointed. It got the big thumbs up from a few of my international friends too.. Fantastic work. I can't wait for early next year.. Woop, Woop!!

  5. Hey Tomm, good luck with your lost stuff hope you get it all back!
    Also hope you'll get your passport back before annecy, I already have booked a ticket for your show.