Monday, April 28, 2008


Well folks,

someone let the cat out of the bag. The trailer on Catsuka is not an official trailer for the public, just something that was cut for the last Cartoon Movie by our partners, les Armateurs.
Its a pity as we still have quite a bit of compositing to do and its not really representative of what we would like to have in the trailer - there WILL be a longer one for public consumption later.
We wanted to only put up the "official" trailera nd I only discovered this one when is aw the comments on this blog!!!!

The films release looks likely to be pushed to next year now, because of the incessant delays that plague this production.

The music on that trailer is "Aislings Song" but only a rough test track that bruno made last year. The voice of Aisling , Christin Mooney recorded it and I think I posted about the session when it happened.
I gave a presentation of some work in progress in Oslo this weekend, everyone is impressed with her voice acting.

It was good to see Olve again and lovely to meet Yaprak and the others there.

Today, I got some positive response that pending some satisfactory sample pages Glenat will publish the BDs of Brendan. One with the prequel about Brendan and one with the prequel of Aisling.
I just have to squeeze some time in these next few hectic weeks to do the samples well enough to be sure it goes ahead!


  1. Thank's for the teaser. God it must be a draining process directing something like this. But then nothing worth doing isn't, I suppose....

  2. Hi Tomm. I'm Tsuka from
    I didn't put that trailer online.
    I just stream it from it's original source, the "Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications" website, linked in my news :,fr,200,005,005

  3. Looking great!