Tuesday, April 22, 2008


the vikings are at the door and the roof is on fire....the smoke is very cool ...but we have to get out!
animation by Caroline Piochon in Walking the Dog , Brussels. Cleaned up in Kecskemet, Hungary - composited in Spirit studio Angouleme. Bg by Lily Barnard. fire effects by Jeremy Purcel in Galway. Smoke made in Angouleme. Layout by Telman Morina in Kilkenny (but hes Albanian). emmm storyboard by me in Kilkenny.

ahh a picture from all over the world it is. so it is.


  1. Hey,that's beautifull all together!

  2. Hi Tomm!

    I saw a teaser trailer of Brendan online. Here it is:


    It looks really great! Great colors. Good choice to keep the trailer only on Brendan and the book.