Tuesday, April 22, 2008

brendan comic

Heres a page from the Brendan comic I'm working on. Its the back story of how Brendan was saved from the Vikings as a baby. Hopefully it will go ahead and get published early next year..but I think I'll keep going with it anyway..its nice to draw stuff and bring it a finish all on my own..nothing like the complications of a international co-production! I drew this in Flash and coloured it in photoshop. I robbed Lily Bernards (I fixed your surname Lily ! sorry again!) prop designs from a background she did for the film though, so those little pots and things in the hut are hers! Sorry, Lily.


  1. He says "cu"? What does that mean?
    No problem for the props, but "barnards" is not my real name...I have to say that is, in fact, "Bernard"! Tadam! My cover has been blown :-D
    The picture is awesome! I can't wait to see the comic!

  2. That is beautiful! Please let us all know if it ever gets released by making a post on this blog.

  3. Oh wow! Consider this SOLD if it ever gets published! This is gorgeous!

  4. oooooh....VERY cool!! Hope it happens!

  5. i already saw your "brendan first teaser" at Catsuka, look forward to see the movie.
    The sountrack seems great i just showed also to my kid and the reaction was "...i wan´t more"

    joao ferreira

  6. I´ve just saw your teaser on Catsuka site.
    Excelent i look forward to see the movie my kid saw it with me and the comment he made afterwood was "i wan´t more"
    Keep on with your excelent stile.

    João Ferreira

  7. cool!

    also saw the teaser trailer, looks awesome!
    best Joost