Saturday, February 11, 2006


So told a few people about this and so maybe theres someone out there!
Word to big bird - Just got a mail from Fabrice Ziolkowski - the screenwriter, and
he'll be over making a "making of" soon. Thats cool just hope its not a "lost in la mancha"!

Just posting a nice pic Lily did - Lily Bernard and Adrien Merigeau are working with Ross Stewart now doing a lot of scene illustrations - between 240-400 final Bgs that will be the blueprint for the final look of the film.

I'll post the one by Adrien (I drew the characters) this is based on a concept I did years ago and its a scene I am glad to say will be in the final film. very simple shot but i like it.
I was picking at it for ages - more than the more complex scenes. Its weird that way.
Anyway its great to cut these Bgs into the animatic - gives a quick feel for how the scene will look.
And as its a "screen shot" its agood guide for all the departments right down the line.

Been thinking of Mick Lally as the voice of Brother Aidan, it would be cool if we could get him- he'd be great.
But Michael McGrath and Nora did a great job on the scratch track too, its a really good guide.
Anyway falling quite behind in the boards so I'll knuckle down now.
Just signing in to say howya .


  1. Tomm

    this is robin joseph writing in from houseof cool to say...Gorgeous,beautiful and sensitive work..i spoke to aiden harte a while back..and for the longest time i can remember i've been following the book of kells promos u had from the old cartoon saloon and new cartoon saloon site. it is pure visual splendour.

    beautiful beautiful inspiring stuff
    robin joseph

  2. hey - wow! thanks joesph - i've been oglin' the house of cool stuff already this mornin'.
    gorgeous work man

  3. lol!

    you made me laugh with your "Lost in La Mancha" comment.

    I haven't a clue about animation, but with your skills, I'm sure it'll all pan out fine at the end :)

  4. I love the ultra simple background with the stone texture. The look of this show has so much class.