Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mick Lally recording Brother Aidan

Heres some nice footage of the late Mick Lally recording some lines from The Secret of Kells as Brother Aidan,
many thanks to screenwriter Fabrice Ziolkowski for providing the footage.


  1. Aw! That was excellent. He was a wonderful Brother Aidan.

  2. I always thought that was one of the funnier passages in the film (poor Pangur!). Seeing Mick Lally behind it, I have to say, "Bwahahahahaw!"

    Thank you, Mick Lally.

  3. I just returned from a screening in Portland Oregon, and feel cheated because somebody (presumably Tomm) decided to cut the movie short before Mick Lally's recitation of "Pangur Ban". That's the main reason I went to see the movie again. Mick Lally's sure not going to be reciting it anymore.