Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the journey continues

i continue to be amazed at the travel oppurtunities i'm getting as as result of making a film - and we wrapped more than two years ago!
The Uk release is just starting in cinemas - check out the Cambridge Film festival this Sunday and then around the Uk plus I'm looking forward to seing this months issue of Empire and Total Film - just being mentioned in there as a new release is going to be a kick.
This Saturday I start a whirlwind promo tour for the DVD and bluray - beginning in San Fran with some school visits and the Film Festival screening then onto Portland for a screening there after its amazingly long run in that hipster haven, and then onto Ny for the ComicCon.

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  1. Could you possibly release a "The Art of The Secret of Kells"? If you have already, please tell me where I can find it!