Saturday, July 18, 2009

New York times

Wow, so today some folks will go to see our film in the Big Apple.
Its a good feeling.

Thanks to Eric at the NY Childrens Film festival,Celluloid Dreams and everyone at Empire Films for making it happen.

Heres a review from the New York Times too, which is quite exciting for us as well!


  1. Hey, guys! I just came back from the U.S. Premiere at the IFC Theater and I LOVED IT! You guys did an incredibly, splendid job. I can't wait 'til "Songs of the Sea" comes out. Well done, guys!

  2. Just saw Kells today! What a fabulous film. I'm pretty sure you sold out the IFC. There was a good mix of animators and kids in attendance.

    Any word on the comic adaptation being released in the US, or should I send my friend on a mission when he's in Ireland next month? Is there possibly an "art of" book in the works?

  3. I also saw the film at the screening. There was a full house with about a third being children. I was amazed to see that they sat quietly for the entire film. A couple of parents were a bit noisier in trying to attend to their children, though they didn't seem to need or want to be bothered. There were maybe a half dozen of NY's animators in attendance and another half dozen or so animation students.

    The film is every bit as beautiful as I expected it to be. Wonderful to see a gorgeous, 2D film on the big screen.

    Hopefully the Sunday screening will be as well attended.