Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Canadian Distribution confirmed

Hi ,

We are happy to say we have confirmation of distribution in Canada now too.
We are with Empire in US and Mongrel in Canada.
Hopefully all our Canadian friends will help help spread the good word there too.

As soon as I have details of release dates and cities I will post them here!

Happy Canada day!!!!!!!!


  1. WHOO!!! If you guys are screening in Montreal, I'll definitely be spreading the word!

  2. AWESOME EH! I can't wait to see it here in the Great White North.

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    Splendid new...

  4. GREAT ! really looking forward to it!

  5. That's great news man. Congratulations!

  6. hi there. I run Flip Animation Festival here in the UK. Would love to show your film. Tried to go via your website but it is down at the moment. Please get in touch: Peter McLuskie,,
    many thanks