Thursday, February 05, 2009

iphone snaps

me in abbey
auvers town hall that vincent painted
katia outside the pub her kilkenny man works in now in paris
Didier in Angouleme

comics exhibition in Angouleme


  1. hi tomm.
    how are u?
    my name is Cristiane Fariah, and i'm a brazilian animator/designer.
    well, i found the secret of kell and i fallen in love. The movie is astonishing, and i can't wait to what it here in Brazil. Tell me. will there this premiere in south America? please!?
    ah! and i do a big post about the movie. you're my guest to visit it.
    congratulations for this amazing work and success with the new project.
    Cristiane Fariah

    ps.: sorry for my terrible english. =D