Saturday, February 21, 2009

Irish Premiere Tommorow Night

Gulp! Its gonna be great! But I'm all butterflies in anticipation!
Can't wait to see so many people from the production who will be there , as well as
all the actors and musicians and friends and families.
It sold out really quickly , so thats a good sign I think!


  1. good luck Tomm!
    All my best wishes
    I cross fingers
    Christine of

  2. Was at the premiere, didn't get a chance to congratulate you man, lot of people around, but fantastic film. Beautiful imagery. So well done, I hope the bucks start rolling in!!!

  3. Tomm, it was amaaaazing! I loved it. It's so original and beautiful. Congratulations! So happy to have been there. It was historic!

  4. Really enjoyed the film, well done! Going to be recommending this one to all and sundry...

  5. Saw the film in Toulouse yesterday wuith my half french half irish 7 year old.
    Wonderful : thanks for such a beautiful moment.