Friday, November 14, 2008


Full time blasting into getting the comics done now. Cant colour them all myself so Marie Thorauge is helping out there, I'm "inking" them partly with pens on paper and partly in Flash.
The deadline is looming so its heads down time.
People may remember I posted a different version of one of these pages a while back - the story changed slightly since then, so the Aisling wolf cub had to be replaced with a younger Cellach.

Also working on the poster for Disney. They are taking a very different marketing approach to the French distributor , Gebeka, so are cutting a different trailer and doinga different poster.
We are nearly there, I am learning a lot about marketing!


  1. Very nice drawings. This comic is going to be great!

    Will you share with us some of what you are learning about marketing? :)

  2. Can I just say WOW? Can't wait to pay extra $$ (or ££) to get a copy stateside!

  3. Lookin'good.

    Disney's doing your US distribution? Does that mean we'll get a theatrical release here in North America?

  4. Excelents layout pages, able to share a very emotional sequence in a very dinamic way and with powerfull ilustrations.
    A piece of art to have in my hands in a near future i hope.
    Keep on posting your very good work.

  5. Is the trailer being done by that "IT WAS A TIME OF WAR.." guy?

  6. Can't wait for the movie to be released here in France, don't hold much hope for seeing the comic though! Unless you have a French publisher? It would look terrific in the hardback, 'bande dessinée' format.

  7. Can you share some of your experiences with marketing?