Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Comments on comments

The movie will be distributed by Disney in Ireland branded as Buena Vista International (Ireland). No distribution is confirmed in US or UK .
Release in Ireland is March 2009.
Our sales agent Celluloid Dreams is in charge of the territories outside the co-production countries of Ireland, Belgium and France.
Benelux distribution is handled by Kinepolis.
French distribution by Gebeka.
Release in France and Benelux in February.

The comic book is published by Glenat in French in two hardback Albums. Also planned to be published in Dutch by Glenat.
No English language publisher confirmed yet .

Stay tuned for developments but thats how it stands at present.


  1. And spanish?

    PLEASE!!!!!!!! I wanna see this movie!

  2. Rats. Oh well. I suppose the more successful it is, the better chances for more international releases.

    It's good to hear it's got an official release date marked.

  3. Well at least I can buy the comix :)

  4. Love what I have seen on the blog and was hoping to catch it here in the US... crap. I'll keep hoping. Cheers!!!

  5. Look at this, Tomm.

    It says the US date is February 20, 2009, same time as Ireland, could Disney be releasing this in arthouse theatres in the US?