Wednesday, October 15, 2008


For France and Belgium I get to design the poster - Hooray.

This poster was based on a pretty detailed brief from the distributors and Les Armateurs who wanted to emphasize the "heroic fantasy" element the most.
I also attach some earlier ideas I had in really rough form of using a three panel design like in medieval art or a more mysterious one with Brendan just a light in the dark as he works on the book.

Stay Tuned for the finished piece! Ross Stewart is doing the colour and inking , he is also designing the typography and doing the final Celtic designs. He's class.


  1. Eeeeeeeek!

    Well, I must admit the bottom one does seem the most exciting. Though most movies have more then one poster, and I do like the top one too...


    Oh btw. I know it might be more appropriate to post this on Song of the Sea, but it didn't seem appropriate given the current post there. I know it's far too early in the game to be thinking of animation on the production, but I thought I might send you my latest 2D reel, for future consideration....

  3. shucks T, you say the nicest thinks!
    Hope this poster gets all the bums on seats then...

  4. Oh man! really like it. I also like the triptic idea, but maybe is telling too much about the film, so the adventure one really leads me to look for more to the cinema. Do you know if it will be released in sapin too? Good luck!

  5. The second one is so good !!