Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hopefully the publishers will like the roughs I have been doing.
This is my second pass at the "prequel" pages, trying to make it clear and easy to follow.
Its 24 hour comics day today, I had hoped to spend it in Dublin doing one, but instead I am here in the studio working on these roughs.
Well, at least I am making comics .
I really want to do a 24 hour comic sometime though....just to see what comes out!
Good luck to Cliodhna and the rest of ye tonight! Keep the faith! Make comics!


  1. Great staging and poses. The finished poster turned out nicely. It's interesting how these designs tend to look overly abstract in line tests, but once their colored, they look perfectly believable as characters you could turn around and work with as an animator.

  2. awesome! that looks great Tomm.
    also liked all of the posters!
    good luck!