Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well, I have been back in the very cool town of Angouleme for the past two weeks working on the compositing. Just before that was in Liege at Digital Graphics working with Serge Ume on the EFX. Some very cool stuff on the mist...we got it looking like celtic knotwork, arranged in bands like Book of Kells borders. It looks nice but its a lot of compositional work at compositing.
Damien here in Spirit has become "Mr.Mist" and is doing some lovely work with the efx Serge and Eric made.

Anyway just sloooooooowly plodding along to a finish hopefully we will start to go faster soon...better run taxi waiting to go to Paris to see a film test on the big screen...GULP!


  1. Aaw a film test on the big screen in Paris, cool Tomm! :)
    I wish I was there too, watching my little Aisling jumping here and there in the mist..! Are the fx on the chalk scene done already?