Saturday, January 19, 2008

kecskemet finishing up

so, here I am again in Hungary.
Last trip of this production at least, to Kecskemet films.
Between checking the last Clean up and Inbetween scenes I wandered around the studio.
The sheer volume of drawings is kind of crazy. Huge folders stuffed with drawings all organised in various stages of finalising. Some retakes, some being scanned, most just piled high ready to be shipped back to Kilkenny. I leaved through a few I,d posed out. The whole paper 2d thing is crazy really. From a few poses, maybe 5 or 10, to the animation, then final clean up on multiple levels.
Really crazy.

Theres one scene , 900 drawings, animated by the meastro Andrejz Radka from Poland, then cleaned up by "Batka" Purevjav Batmjagmar from Mongolia. Lovely line weight on each drawing, like an illustration. But there are HUNDREDS of them. Kinda overwhelming.

When I wander around the studio here and see bits and pieces from over the nearly 40 years its been going and think of all the films shot on cel and so on, my head spins.

Then I discover this blog this morning -

just read it for about two hours.

this animation craic is pure madness I think.

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  1. Always an amazing movie. Very inventive animation. My favorite scene was zig-zag's death.