Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Hi folks,

just an update... well... recently Camille and I went for a week to Angouleme to Spirit who are doing some lovely work on the compositing. It was nice to start to see some of the complex scenes with all the bells and whistles. As usual I wished I'd studied French a bit more in school!
Its great to see the scenes with all the various elements pulled together, Flash animated extras, the handdrawn characters and all the filters and tones and stuff appllied as well as the SFX and Cg elements. Overall I guess its coming together well. Those images posted are screen shots. yep, not concepts, not scene illustrations, but finished done and dusted screen shots.

I think we'll be able to put a fairly decent trailer together soon. Of course we'll post it up here when its ready.

I have plenty of ideas of how to better organise things for next time of course,,but sure its always a learning curve....

The guys in Spirit have done a great job of pulling it all together and its a relief to see that it looks pretty good . Well, I think so at least! I think despite budget limitations and all the organisational problems we've had , all the hard work of everyone involved really shows on screen and I guess thats the most important thing.
I hope to spend quite a bit of time over in Angouleme next year working on the final images and post and all.

The HUGE BD library there is pretty cool too.....!

anyway I'm off to Hungary again next week and in the mean time theres always plenty of scenes to check from everywhere!

busy busy


  1. Tomm! I'm so excited for you guys. This stuff is really cool, I can't wait to see that trailer.

    oh, and that approval software is really sweet. I can totally see how that can be an essential tool in productions. i watched a few of the demos. It would be cool if you draw on top of the embedded flash movie so that you can point out stuff on specific frames. .. or maybe you already can do that.

  2. Man, I can't wait for this. It's looking fantastic!

  3. This looks so great . I can hardly wait to see it .
    Is there distribution lined up for a U.S. release ?
    (or maybe at least a screening at the next Ottawa International Animation Festival ? )

    I have neglected to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog and been inspired by the making-of Kells that you have documented here . Thank you for sharing this process with us .

    There seems to have been a steady stream of interesting, independent hand-drawn features over the past few years ... certainly Triplets of Belleville ... and now Persepolis ,and Brendan & The Secret of Kells, Nina Paley's Sita Sings The Blues, and Chomet's The Illusionist . Michael Sporn has started production on a hand-drawn feature based on the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe . I"m sure I'm neglecting to mention a few others Anyway, this is a good trend and I hope we see more independent features with bold graphic styles.

    One of my favorite quotes from recent years that I keep going back to is this from an interview that did with Richard Williams a few years back:

    "what are your thoughts about the future of 2D animation?

    RW: I think it should go graphic. I think it's a shame when the 2D tries to look like 3D because it can't. It shouldn't try to follow the fashion for this burgeoning, expanding computer thing, which is wonderful of itself. The 2D should go do what it does best. The Sistine ceiling is pretty impressive but, you can take a drawing of Michelangelo's and it is, in a way, more impressive than the painting in that you see his direct thinking. There's something good about an old master's preparatory drawing, before he does the painting. And the great stuff, say, Degas' last paintings. You know, those big chalk things of the women in the tub? He couldn't see very well at that point and they were rough as hell. They're the best things he ever did! And I think we should go that way. I think, because the computer thing can take over all the polished areas so beautifully, we 2D artists should just go back to a hand-crafted approach. Obvious drawings that walk and talk."

  4. this work looks really great! i especially like the design of the cat :)

  5. A TRAILER???? Excitement!!!!

    Everything looks awesome, as always. Loving every little sneak peak you give us!

  6. What a beautiful scenes and characters. I'm waiting for it.