Wednesday, November 21, 2007


the guys in Hobsoft - Brian and Hans Christian have put this nice demo of how I check and approve or retake scenes using their might be interesting to some of you out there!



  1. This looks very useful Thanks for posting the link.

    Finally an efficient , viable method for coordinating many far-flung artists all working together on the same film .

    I showed this to a friend of mine (former co-worker from Disney) and he said (paraphrasing) : "Wow, you mean maybe we could go back to the days of having only one or two production managers on a feature instead of 13 or 14 or more ? "

  2. Love the latest stuff. Dude, I'm sure your patience with me is wearing thin; but what do would I have to do to work towards getting a job on your next project?

  3. Very cool production tracking system. Nelvana in Canada has a proprietary production system called Nelnet that pretty amazing, too. It's a lot more visual than the one you are using, but anything that can keep a monster production organized is always a strength.

    The artwork is beautiful.