Sunday, March 25, 2007

from the vaults 4

So, skipping several "inbetweens" - (I'll save thsoe for another day) , heres where I was at by the time Barry Reynolds came on to begin working with me on the "final" designs and modelsheets. Barry had been on the orginally "Rebel" trailer team back in 2000 so it was good to have him in at that stage. I think I'd gotten a bit too fussy by this stage and we worked for a long time to pare these designs back down a bit again.
It was a long part of the preproduction ....
These were the designs we submitted for funding in 2004...
some have changed a LOT and others not so much....Nora Twomey cleaned these drawings up and most of them are colured by me, but Stewy coloured the Aidan Running one I think...
Colour and textures are a big part of what makes the designs work - they can seem quite abstract in Black and White I think...

This was the last batch of designs I did on my own -

Barry Reynolds then worked with me starting with these designs at the beginning of I said he had worked on the designs for "rebel" with myself, aidan harte and Ross Stewart, fádó fádó in 1999/2000, and it was a nice cyclical thing to work with him on the final designs and model sheets after all those years....


  1. Hi !
    Really like the blog! I can't wait to see the movie!


  2. HI!
    I really like the blog! And I know about Cartoon Saloon since my travel in Ireland in 2005 !! Hope I will be able to visit your studio someday :D!

    I can't wait to see the movie!

  3. I love the poses with Aiden near the top! My favorite conceptual pieces, though, are the really sketchy, really flat drawings of Aislings of "from the vault 4).

  4. So, so very amazing! Beautiful design.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful work. Thanks so much for sharing such a large section of art with all of us. Truly inspiring.

  6. ..really looking forward to seeing this stuff in motion. The Aidan character design is class.

  7. This is a really informative blog and certainly makes me want to see your movie when it's complete. It is so useful for me when I teach animation here in the UK.

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  9. Hey, all your work and the stuff that the other people are just amazing, i really like the coloring style for the movie, i wanted to ask, in an older post you mentioned that some of the crew is working in hungary, i'm from there so its interesting to hear that!