Thursday, March 22, 2007

Aislings Song

So , here are some photos of Christen Mooney - 9 years old and Nora - more years old , recording Aislings song in the sound studio in Dublin.
Unfortunatly Bruno could'nt be there , but we got some good takes and we are looking forward to hearing what he can do with them. His producer Manu was there and felt we got what we needed so hopefully we'll have something soon so our Belgian friends can finish that sequence.

I showed Christen some of the animation that Alessandra had done of Aisling and she got a kick out of it.
Watch out for this young superstar!


  1. Hi Christen is my cousin and I am soooooooo proud of her. Go little cuz. I love you very much. I heard The blog of kells is fantastic. Cant waiy to see it.

    Lots and lots of luv
    Lauren xxx

  2. Hi Christen is in my class she's so popular!!!!!!!

  3. wow well done for doing that

  4. the song, the voice...all beautiful

  5. Just watched it, loved it! Aisling's song, for me, was the highlight of the movie :)

  6. Me gusto la cancion, la pequeña canta hermoso y la pelicula esta muy bonita, pero el final de la pelicula quedo como inconcluso.
    Si esta en español soy de Mexico.
    I like the song, the little singing beautiful, but the end the movie it looked like unfinished.
    If you are in Spanish I m from Mexico.

  7. Beautuful voice. I hope to see or at least hear you in more films. Bravo my dear, bravo!

  8. This song really made the movie (which was stellar). You have an amazing voice.

  9. Christen, you have a very special voice,very beautiful,i love the music of this movie..very nice move and history..fantastic.