Saturday, September 23, 2006

september rains

its been a while since I had a chance to post anything ..things seem to be going well, everyone settling down and getting into the project. I'm reasonably confident with the latest version of the animatic. We've had some hectic days - especially Remi and Nora getting started with the new Hobsoft software, but in the end I hope it will make things easier and prevent problems.

We showed the latest animatic to Benoit Feroument the animation director from Belgium who is here for a few weeks trying to get his head around the style. He has just finished his latest short in 3d computer animation so we are dragging him back into flat land! He felt the story was working and that was a relief , as there are less and less people to show it to that are coming to it fresh. We made a lot of cuts and its still a little long , but seems to be heading the right direction.

We have been joined by two new Bg artists working on the final Black and White artwork to be painted in France - Julien and Niall. Its exciting seeing some of the work they are doing - I'll post some soon.

Also we have finally added two long time Skunk fu animators who were waiting patiently for over a year to join the crew - Allesandra and Alfredo from Italy. There are links to their blogs over on the Skunk fu Blog.

There are about 90 seconds of Okayed animation in the animatic now and that was a glimpse of how the film should feel animated - that was exciting in and of itself.

Jean has done some lovely work on the scene where Brendan first sees the book and Tom Caulfield has really gotten into the style now and is doing gorgeous stuff with Brother Aidan. He even has already done a scene where he uses the head cold Mick had doing the lines as part of the animation and its really cool I think.

Lionel did a cool little scene of Brendan scrambling through the half built roundtower .

Fabs and Barry have been posing out the goose chase and theres some funny stuff in there for sure. i hope the crew in Belgium get a kick out of animating it.

The whole production has been set up to sort of try and control everything from here but we are learning how much its good to put into the posing and where its just to restrictive sometimes too.

Precompositing the animation in Animo is a great help to visualise the scenes and we have twp new ADs helping with that stuff - Cliodhna and Kevin.

Lili, adrien and i have begun working on some development for possible new productions as well, its cool to start thinking about that stuff now.
CS is starting to try and build a slate of interesting projects and we are optioning some cool shows in the hope of producing them over the next while.

We hope to produce Remi's feature A Long way North too, which will be a big challenge but worth I think!

So exciting, exhausting and interesting times at the moment.

Thats all I have time to talka bout for now, I'll post some new artwork too ...

Slán anois,



  1. ahhhhhhhhhhh I got mentioned in the blog *stupid grin* and you spelled my name right, no one ever spells it right, its so sad how happy this makes me :P

  2. hey tomm, here is the link you asked me today - the blog of Marla
    hope you'll enjoy it :)
    have a nice evening,

  3. Hey Lads, I really love the style you developed for this movie...makes me wish I was at home pushing my pencil again...tell Tom Caulfield Nicki and Steve said "Hi". Cheers.

  4. Wonderful to hear things are going so well.
    Say hi to everyone there from me!

  5. These are soooo beautifal. The way the color fit together which each character is so tasteful.

    If this movie doesn't get a theatrical release in Canada (albeit limited) I will surely hold by breath until it does....