Sunday, September 03, 2006

the final

ahh tis the final today between kk and cork, bit sure I'm in here all busy and all. I'll have to go and see it later in a pub or soemthing.
gwan the cats.

anyway things are trundling along, its pretty messy as per normal, the best laid plans and all that.
still a couple of weekends off gave me fresh eyes and I had a look at the animatic again yesterday.
Theres still soem tidying up to do, and I really do think we could have done with more screen time but I think its holding together okay. I gotta just get the intentions of the scenes we keep as clear as possible and try not to loose anything along the way.

The hardest thing so far has been trying not loose any info in regards to composistion between boards and also acting in the posing, its really tough, and theres a lot of retakes everytime.
So much can be lost between those two stages and those stages are so crucial to keep the intent of teh past 9 months boarding.

the film is packed full of stuff, I hope it'll be entertaining, its actually ahrd to get a bead on it when you get this close. I think the performances from the kids are great and I love Mick Lallys delivery of a lot of the lines.

We are looking at the moment for some help for Gavin the 2nd assistant director, whos been doing alot of teh precomposisting and line testing, we need someone asap and I advertised elsewhere on line. Soemone whos gonna be happy working a lot with AVID, Animo and AfX.

We precomposist each sequence with teh posinga nd animation, its agreat way to check how it all works, and helps us see the wood from the trees.

Aniamtion is starting in earnest next week and in a few weeks we'll be up to a full crew.
Its more crucial than ever that I lock the third and fourth reel now!

So better get to it!


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