Saturday, July 15, 2006

colour models

I love these - makes it look like a REAL production - hehe - really sort of professional looking or something - yeh i know thats dumb but theres this sort of fetish for the artifacts of production is'nt there? Like rough model sheets and things that most people never see?
I love that old Bob Clampett bugs Bunny model sheet - its so nicely laid out and presented - i'm sure most animation fans know the one I mean - and I mean its just a working document - not intended for public consumption - just a means to an end, yet for fans its as interesting as the final cartoon in many ways.
When Lili was doing these I remembered the visit I made to the Bluth studio in dublin when I was 14 - I remember being impressed and depressed by the enormity of the endeavour it was back then to make an animated film.
I remember a room full of paint pots, specially mixed, for each colour of each character!


  1. Very interesting to see that! Nice colors...
    And what about the colorscript? How you do prepare it? In a abstractive way?
    So great to see how the colors can influence the mood in an animated film...

  2. the colors seems great. Very good to follow the way your production is developing.

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  5. I've been looking over all the art posted here and whats over at the production webiste. The art style is exactly in my tastes as far as what I love. I cannot wait until this movie comes out or is at least made available. Everything looks beautiful. With enough Irish blood in me, there are other reasons I'm looking forward to it.

  6. Looks great. When's this movie coming out?