Sunday, May 21, 2006


So Belgium was Oefti. Seems like a lot of good solutions can be found with the software of the Freres Ume and they have a beautiful studio in Liege. It was good to see Eric, Vivanne, Toon and Benoit.
The kids were down yesterday for a workshop day, they are lovely kids and we had fun showing them all the stuff. It was great to see their reactions to the animatic, them being the target audience age and all. They did a little read through together and they are both very professional and easy to get along with. It was good to have them meet each other and see the studio and stuff ahead of the records next week.

I'm a bit nervous now, but we are as prepared as we can be I guess and I'm hoping it'll go well.
I'll be heading off to Bray now in a few minutes, theres a whole big gang of us going to be there so we'll have some fun too I hope.

Well, fingers crossed , next time I write a post we'll have the final voices in the can!



  1. Good luck to you and your team !

  2. Hey, man, where are that fantastic drawings you used to put here? I read your posts (although I have a bad English) but I really like your art. I come here at your blog every week (it’s on my favorites). If you want to know me go to See you.