Tuesday, July 23, 2013

limited edition prints


We have released a limited edition range of Prints featuring scene illustrations from The Secret of Kells.
Please check out the link above for more info...

05_Spiral-Oak-Front-view.jpg (600×400)


  1. Lovely illustrations, greeting fromBelgium

  2. Hello Tomm!

    Beautiful work with the movie. I have a question for you--
    I actually want to use some images from Kells as artwork examples for an art class (I'm an art teacher). We'll be focusing on creating landscapes with an emphasis on using lines. Who would be the proper artist to credit? I have your name on it as of now, but wanted to ask. Many thanks!

  3. Hi there. These prints are the work of many artists - mostly the credit goes to art director Ross Stewart but Lily Bernard and Adrien Merigeau did some of these backgrounds - some of the character drawings are by me but mostare by Barry Reynolds

  4. Hello! It's pretty hard to find a main way to contact you and the others that created The Secret of Kells (the main website seems to be down?) but I just finished watching it and can't go to sleep before I let you know how great it was.

    It was like every moment you are looking at a new painting, another piece of art. The storyline is original for a movie, in plot, subject and pace. The music is also spot on, while you avoided sounding like cliche Irish folk music. I absolutely loved this movie and will recommend it to as many people as I can find. ^_^

    Thank you for illuminating the world!

  5. Argh, comment got erased. Let me see if I can recapture my enthusiasm, as I've just watched The Secret of Kells and I just can't go to sleep without letting you know how great I think it is! (The main website seems to be down; it's not easy finding a way to contact you and the others that created this film.)

    It's like every moment you are looking at a painting. It is so different from other animation movies. Sometimes it seems a little simplistic but at the same time it looks like a piece of art. Not just in the elements but also the layout and framing. The music is also spot on, avoiding the cliche Irish folk sound but still fitting perfectly. The story is original and gripping. You know you're doing it right when you can make mixing ink and writing on a page captivating. ^_^

    Thank you for illuminating the world a little more.