Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back to kecskemet

Today I am travelling to Hungary to serve on the jury for kaff - kecskemet films animation festival.
I look forward to meeting old friends from our time working with them ....


  1. Heya Tomm!!
    Was great meeting you guys in Annecy! Hope you had a great festival. If you're ever in my neck of the woods make sure to come say hello at our studio!

    P.S. Have fun in Hungary!

    Sean (from Luxembourg :)

  2. That was a refreshing and astonishing film! I watch first this month...(our places first broadcasted the film on Feb. 2011) I'm looking forward to your next piece of work. :)

  3. Dear Tomm!

    It was great to met you in Kecskemét! Unluckily you asked me to write my movie datas to your iphone, but that link is not available without hungarian accents. So here you can check my animation:

    Please let me know your oppinion when your time wil let you do.
    Best wishes:

    Dorottya Szabó

  4. That's our trailer and cover in TW. ↓↓↓
    (The trailer is in the second tag at the left side of the page)
    And the DVD was available last year (not shown in cinema), but only a few people know, so this year showed in PTS (you can "google") in public.

  5. I wish I could have seen your movie sooner because that I would have gone to the KAFF as well to get an autograph. I'm just astonished by your movie, I'm still angry that you didn't get the Academy Award for it. It's more than ridiculous but I think unjust happenings like these are part of SOK as well, which proves that we can't help it and have to accept it. :(
    BTW I watched it twice at the same day: once alone and then I translated to my sisters (since I'm Hungarian :P). They loved it and I'll definitely show it to my parents as well. They hate cartoons (which is understandable looking at the ones shown in Hungary) but I've alaways loved them.
    I got to like Italian ones at first, they aren't popular here either. Then came the Japanese works, which I still find astounding. Actually, the quality of those cartoons are the best in my opinion so if there is another cartoon that can get to me that means the quality is - at least - the same or even better. :)
    In Hungary no one knows about Hungarian film/cartoon studios and I was surpriesed to know that there are actually any. My dad mentioned it once and I checked what they're making, that's how I bumped into your movie, which impressed me so much with its original story, scripts, music, designs, backgrounds (etc.) and imagination that I'm still under its impact. I really needed a new refreshing experience like this and you gave it to me.In other words, your creation has really turned my darkness into light and gave me hope. :) I'm very thankful for that.
    If I have time, I'll draw a fanart of it as it seems you really like them. :)