Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cosplay aisling Paul found online


  1. Hi Tomm, from Jeff Overstreet at Looking Closer & Image Journal. One of the commenters, Mr. Steven Greydanus, articulated further what I was not able to back at Mr. A. O. Scott's NYT review of The Secret of Kells, in which I connected Viking invasions to contemporary events. For the record: although I cited the Israeli Flotilla Raid and the Iraq Invasion, in truth my commentary wasn't about any specific race at all. History is blotted with these atrocities and they are not endemic to any particular race.
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    Here is one concern from a Fr. Paul King:

  2. Btw, I left a response to Fr. Paul King at LookingCloser.

  3. speaking of cosplay...

    my friend's costume for fan expo in Toronto was Aislynn.

    It's not the greatest photo, and doesn't capture the green contacts, but:

    This is kinda what she does. Got any jobs for an out of work costumist? :D

    She also made this pangerban