Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Slovenia in September!


  1. cool! Hope annecy went well.

    ye got mentioned in a blog i follow

  2. I was pleasantly surprised at your movie. The very light touch on Christianity was welcome. You nicely linked the abbot's fear of Vikings with Ashley's old pagan forest and then made it clear that it is impossible to wall off those wild things, both good and bad, from which come the materials (acorns and the crystal) to create a magnificent book. Good job. However, as a Minnesotan, with a football team called the Vikings, I must protest their vilification. At least get their helmets right - no horns!

  3. Mr. Moore,
    I am a visiting teacher from the University of Michigan based at Trinity College for the next month. I was wondering if I might persuade you to visit the Irish Film class that I am teaching here. My email is By the way I will be going to the Galway Film Festival tomorrow. Do you plan to be there?

    Stashu Kybatas