Saturday, April 17, 2010

UK distribution at last!

Our sales agent, Hengameh Panahi of Celluloid Dreams has said its finally official -
Optimum releasing will take the UK theatrical and DVD distribution rights for The Secret of Kells.

Optimum are a great label to be with - alongside the Studio Ghibli titles :)

Its great news following our win at the British Animation Awards last week.
Now all our UK fans will hopefully spread the word like our US friends have been doing.


  1. congrats! --eric

  2. Congrats Tomm and gang! I've got plenty of Optimum imports on the shelf, and they seem like a great company to work with...

  3. dear tomm,

    i just buy the dvd recently and i just discover this diamond !!
    the amine is just perfect ,such a great work a pure moment of excitement visusally ,graphicly , well you guys made such agreat and impressive work !! i wish a super success in the U.S because you deserve it totally !

    i hope to see one of your artwork on animation once aagain !!



  4. Great news! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations, Tomm and crew! :)

    ~ Robert

  6. Nice.
    Time is for next movie.

  7. Just saw the film last night (thanks for sending the copy, and the beautiful sketch of Ashley!) - I loved it so much I've now ordered the comics and I'm posting on my journal about it.. - this is what animation should be! - beautiful, magical, and simply superb! Thank you for a wonderful film! :)
    .:Kat Nicholson:.
    UK Comic artist

  8. (the US version) has begun to list a DVD and a Blu-Ray version, from New Video Group.

    They don't name a date when it'll be available, but they're taking orders. Or should I say "pre-orders?" Is that a word?

  9. I hope you'll someday be able to bring this out in Germany, and in Blu-Ray, too. I so so so love this movie. And I would want to get it for many of my friends as well. Maybe I'll consider ordering in the UK, but it'd be so cool if it was for sale in Germany, anywhere. Such a beautiful gem.