Saturday, April 04, 2009

another full house in Buenos Aires

traveller fraggle Twomey reports some great feedback from the young audience today in BA!:)


  1. Today I was in the screening, my girl and I had lots of expectations that were happily fulfilled. Thank you.

    I was one of the people who asked today Sunday the following: "why being so rich in legends and myths, there are so few animated movies or series related to this culture."

    I am working on celtic animated tv-series myself that tells the story of Finn McCumhall and Osian. I am still doing a lot of research about this (and related to this is the other question I made to Nora: "how long have you been doing research before writing the script?") and it is sure a pain trying to adapt all the bloodshed and killings that there were taken place in that dark ages (I also asked something about this to Nora).

    Other people asked things as: "Why did Brendan hasn't got any parents?", "How many illustrators worked in the movie?", "Why does Aisling is a wolf", "What is really the Book of Kells", etc.

    Well thanks and congratulations again and hope to see "The Song of the Sea" soon :)

    Pablo Vallejo

    Natalia Ninomiya

  2. Hi I'm a young filmmaker from Argentina, and I went to BAFICI today to see the movie.
    I loved it!!! Its really interesting and beautiful.

  3. Hi! Im a young film maker from Buenos Aires. I watched themovie today at BAFICI and i really loved it. Congratulations!!!

  4. I went to see the film yesterday with my daughter. Great work!

    I'm afraid she couldn't catch much of the story of this beautiful film because it was subtitled. Are there any chances we'll be able to get a spanish dubbed version? Is there any estimated time on a DVD release?

    keep them coming!

  5. will there be any public screenings in north america?

  6. Hi, I went to see the film last Saturday and I loved it! beautiful animation, so colorful and creative, truly original!! superb work, congratulations!!