Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ink and Paint

Here are the members of the Ink and Paint team in Liege - and a cool birthday cake with the dying Abbot Cellach lovingly glazed on top by some talented so and so.
The team seems to have grown a lot since I was over last - I hope I get over again soon.
what a colourful bunch - ahem.


  1. I'll take the one wi' the blue barnet thanks

  2. hello tomm.
    enjoyed looking at your blogs.
    why is there no mention on ur master piece that is the brewery comic strip - boadicea's return.
    now ur a world famous film maker they'll be collectors items.
    trying to find time to see an episode of skunk fu - so i set it up to record on sky plus.
    love to lisalot and ben.
    from aunty judith, uncle brendan and cousin frances.