Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well, here are some lovely Bgs from the last few weeks.
The guy surrounded by Vikings there is a cartoon version of me. I get mashed. yeay.
The bgs above are painted by Lily, Adrien and Ross . Storyboards for all of those ones were by me , layouts by Telman Morina. Character posing by Barry Reynolds and Jean Baptiste Van Damme.

Things are getting quieter here in Kilkenny now, tommorrow Alessandra and Alfredo , our two Italian friends are finishing up the last sequence to be animated in Kilkenny.
They animated seq 042 where Brendan and Aisling first meet in traditional animation and then moved on to the Flash animated sections - the dreams, nightmares and so on. A classy job they did too. The Vikings made of Ink and the chalk drawings taht come to life are really cool already and with all the efx and stuff on them , I think they will look really classy on the big screen.
Martin, the clean up supervisor in Brazil sent them an email thanking them for doing such tidy and well marked up work on those traditional animation scenes, which was a nice boost for them. I think they will be happy to see that sequence all coloured up and completed.

All the Clean Bgs are finished and colour Bgs are being supervised by Adrien and Lily now until the end of July. The overseas studios are busy though and its great seeing nice stuff coming in everyday via Hobsoft. The animation in Hungary is going well, and the Belgian team are rockin' on as ever. We hoped they would visit us last weekend but a strike in the airport prevented it! Hopefully they will make it another time.
So thats it really... things are ticking along ....

BTW - watch out for the first episodes of SKUNK FU on BBC1 this July....hard to believe its actually starting to air!!! I have some documents in my desk beside me about Brendan and Skunk from 2002 ! Its amazing how long these things have been developing.


  1. Oh wow, I didn't see them yet! They're gorgeous, goodness I'm right next door, but I can't wait to see the whole thing finished...I think it's gonna be beautiful, and I love that there's still a little surprise in it for me!


  2. Congrats on everything Tomm. You guys really deserve it. I can't wait for an LA screening of Brendan. This time, I'll buy the pints.

  3. hey guys, the bg's look great. keep up the good work!


  4. I am so, so so excited. The backgrounds bring tears to my eyes. I'm curious to see how the flash, traditional and mixed media goes.

    I am animating on Skunk Fu in Canada right now, and am excited about it as well.

  5. The work all of you are doing is awesome!
    and now everybody is leaving and I don't even want to think about it!
    how sad!!

  6. Hi! I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful images! Everything has been such a treat for the eyes! Do you know if this film will ever be shown in the US? I live in Hawaii and would love to see it! If not, thank you so much for letting everyone have the opportunity in experiencing such beautiful work!

  7. Hi Guys,
    Everything looks amazing, I'm chomping at the bit in anticipation of Brendan, a long time coming but I'm sure it's going to be worth the wait. And congrats on Skunk Fu, I'm looking forward to seeing it on BBC.
    Best of luck with everything.

  8. Je suis très impressionné ! Mais bon, pour ce qui est de la littérature… Je ne parle pas breton, monsieur H.

  9. hey, i came across your blog randomly one day and have been checking it every now and then for the past few weeks. it looks amazing and i'm really looking forward to the film! if you ever need classical music for any scenes, give a shout! alas i haven't bbc to check out skunk fu, but will be first in line to see the film.

    new #1 fan

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  11. Beautiful, beautiful BGs! I pray for U.S. screenings.

  12. super sexy BGs there Thomas. Now watch Abel lift the feckin lot... USURPER!!!!! geddin there fella!!!!

  13. Deadly stuff Tomm.. Cant wait to watch the final picture. Looks like I'll be gone when its done though.. sniff sniff* Push for North America screenings, yes?

  14. I really hope that this will be released in Canada eventually, even if only in a film festival.

    Perhaps it'll be finished in time for the WFAC this year, in November?