Monday, January 16, 2006

another manic monday 16th jan

well, i realised this blog business may be a bit boring since i cant post too much new art as its better to keep those types of things mysterious for legal reasons, so i'll just keep this up as little personal blog more than anything. a good place to record how things are generally.
well, the weekend was spent mostly trying to finish the "honeymoon" sequence in final board form.
finding it hard going back and forth from paper to flash, trying to make good drawings and have a sense of the timing and all too.
obviously its not an actual "honeymoon" thats just what we've been calling it!
i aslo realised again how little i know , i reviewed a prospective animators test and basically failed to see how strong it was, because i was so distracted by the model being a bit off!
the fact is the model sheets we did for the test were quite early and so not that consistent, so it was'nt too easy to be "on model" for anyone!
It took Nora "brains of the operation" Twomey to point out the strengths, but then I guess thats why shes animation directing and not me....
anyway working with such talented folks can be depressing sometimes but the thing to do is keep trying , keep learning I guess.
heres a silly cartoon i did of the beloved wifey liselott -

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