Thursday, November 23, 2006

brussel sprouts


barry ,fabian, jeremy and myself have been in the lovely city of brussels at the lovely studios of Walking the Dog and digital graphics.

Fabs and Barry have been helping teh animators here get into teh pose to pose method that we are using and helping them get on model and all.
Seems to be working and they are a nice bunch to be sure....

the new studio Digital Graphics have is probably the nicests tudio I've ever seen - they even have alittle cinema there - the Ume Brothers are doing some cool work on their ink and paint software and some cool digital effects...

we are all tired now and ready to go home but surely only more work waits us there...



  1. Hi Tomm,
    It was great meeting you guys in Brussels. Seeing Barry draw Brendan was really inspiring. I hope I can make a nice contribution to (what will be) a brilliant film.


    (my weblog:

  2. just discovered this blog. I really like the character designs, and your story seems very interesting. Good luck with everything.

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