Monday, February 22, 2010

Online shop

Hey Folks,

On our online store you'll find new stock just in of the Secret of Kells picture book and The Secret of Kells CDs featuring beautiful music by Kila and Bruno Coulais!

I spent some time today making sketches and dedications to the fabulous people who bought the DVD and I'm happy to make many more for those of you who purchase it from our online store!

The ideal gift yes indeedy.

Oh Boy. Good stuff at great prices.

Be the first in your neighbourhood to own exclusive Kells merchandise! Yes sir!



  1. Any chance you would know what region format the disc is? I'm in America and anxiously awaiting the chance to see/own the film. Thanks.

  2. Hello!!
    Is there any chance of an 'Art of Kells' book for purchase in the near future?

    ps: Have fun at the Oscars!

  3. Too late, already bought the CD and DVD of The Secret of the Kells. I hope the graphic novels are eventually translated to English.

    Your prices seem quite high though, compared to The Library Shop.

  4. ... I hope that to, I'd really like to get a copy of The secret of Kells graphic novel in english ...

  5. Hi
    I would agree with Lara.... What i loved most about the movie was that every frame was (is) a work of art. If a book were to be made about the process, even one just with screen captures in high definition, that would be amazing.
    Thanks again for making my year brighter,

  6. is there any known hoodie designs for this? i would really love to own/see some done.