Monday, February 08, 2010

brendan goes to hollywood

fabian erlinghauser just sent me this ... i'm in chicago on a long stopover on my way home.

nice one fabs:)


  1. just watched it and loved the film!!.. I also think the soundtrack was incredibly beautiful.. unfortunately rhough I couldn't follow some of the lyrics.. for example Aisling's song.. where it goes like: "you must go where I can not..." I know it has "pangur ban" in it. but I don't think it is the old poem itself.. it sounds different... any advice on where I can find the lyrics for the song? thanks!

  2. awesome, tomm! chicago?? that's where i'm from - i hope we're treating you well on your stopover!

    random note of appreciation:

    i have yet to actually see the secret of kells in it's entirety- being from the states, i cannnnnot wait for it to arrive in theaters here in march! so extremely excited. but i've been keeping up with your blogs and i absolutely adore your art and esthetic and have been so excited about this film ever since i heard about it.

    and i've been keeping up with your song of the sea blog as well and i must say that the teaser trailer alone for it is completely breathtaking. i haven't been this anxious excited about a film in a long while and between kells and song of the sea, i can hardly wait. the art is sincerely beautiful. (the lighthouse scenes in the song of the sea trailer are some of the most gorgeous imagery i've seen in a looong while.)

    anyway, huge, huge fan. i love what you're doing and can't wait to dive into kells soon.

    much love from a random musician from chicago -
    ryan o'neal

  3. ... hey, i know this probably is not the place to ask ... but i'd really like to get the book - the secret of kells ... i just can't get it anywhere ... amazon is sould out ... do you know if there will be new editions or where could i get it ...

    ... i'd really appreciate any information ...

  4. You can find the Lyrics in the soft copy of the Book , The secret of Kells.

    I will do a favour and post them for you here... Hope it works...


    You must go where I can Not,
    Pangur Bangur Ban,
    Nil sa saol ( sounds like SAIL)seo ach ceo,
    Is ni (knee)bheimid beo,
    ach seal (shall) beag gearr.


    Enjoy Evan McGuire (Voice of brendan)

  5. Thank you for sharing the lyrics! I love you guys! I wonder when they will show this in the Philippines.

  6. have you noticed that brendan fraser has no new movie after the mummy returns?

  7. The art is sincerely beautiful. the lighthouse scenes in the song of the sea trailer are some of the most gorgeous imagery i've seen in a looong while.
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