Thursday, February 04, 2010


Hello there from la again.
what a mad week.

After the Oscar nod (still waiting to wake up from that dream!)
I really don't want people to forget that the Annies is such a massive acheivment for the whole crew and production team and co-production partners too! I'm only sorry that our short run here was so late that we could'nt enter any of the talented team in the individual achievment categories. It was amazing to even squeeze in to be considered for the main category at the very last minute (thanks Antraan, Jamie, Tina , Pam and all at ASIFA who made that happen!!!!). And being nominated for an Annie was as much a surprise as the Oscar nod on Thursday - or was that Wednesday?
But as much as I'm looking forward to seeing all the american animation folks here it will be lovely to see my fellow sdgi/dga Finders Series winners from Barley Films ! Padraig and Eimhin who created the very cool Rooster, Crocodile and the Night Sky will be here on Saturday.
That class act was the short that played before our very first workprint screening here back in Sept 2008 at the Dga building. Its cool to be back with the lads for the ANNIES no less!

Yet another Irish animation success story this week...!

oH and i was chuckling away to Badly Drawn Roy from Jam media on the plane on the way over! its playing on aerlingus' inflight movie service! I'd seen it a couple of times before but somehow I identified with poor scribbly Roy heading out to Hollywood to be cleaned up even more this time :)

Anyway, I want to say thanks to everyone who emailed me , and I'm sorry I have'nt gotten back to everyone yet what with work and travelling ...but I'll try and get to all those lovely mails asap!

Right, its that bizarre feeling where its nearly 5 at home and time for sleep even though i just arrived here in LA.

Actually time for a veggie burger i think thing about LA - loads of great veggie grub! mmmm!

I'm totally jetlagged and rambling.

oiche mhaith agaibh.

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