Sunday, February 07, 2010

Annie photos

Here are a few AMAZING photos by Jamie Bolio, our "angel" as we dubbed her and Pam for doing so much to promote Kells out here.
Just look at the animation legends I got to chat to. Amazing.

The fabulous "Queen of Toontown" June Foray

One of the animators that caused me to buy a jog shuttle VHS back in college to watch the fantastic morphing and smearing animation of the genie and who was responsible for the classiest sequence in The Princess and the Frog. Eric Goldberg picked up his fourth Annie last night with a triumphant salute to hand drawn animation.

The lovely Jamie Bolio and two boyos.

The amazing Bruno Coulais composer for Kells, winner of Annie for his score for Coraline and the mighty Andreas Deja

The legendary Henry Selick.

The bowld boys from the owld sod. Eimhin (Rooster) , Richie (some film called 'Avatar" or something) , and Padraig(Rooster)

Dean DeBlois - co director of one of my very favourite films Lilo and Stitch and storyboard man of the Mulan sequence where she sneaks away in her fathers armour, I rewatched that sequence endlessly in college.

The real deal indy feature animated filmmaker Bill Plympton, this dude draws every frame himself!


  1. It was really an awesome Night - I wish we had come a little earlier so we may have caught a few of the legends before they went into the theatre - we didn't end up hanging around for them to finally let us in to the VIP party out of pity and decided to drown our sorrows at Yogurt land instead ^_^ Thanks again for trying to get us in guys!! FINGERS CROSSED for the Oscars!! :)

  2. Whooo!
    Great seeing ye again, thanks for the plugs!
    Hope the next few weeks go extra well for ye guys!