Friday, February 26, 2010

New York

Here in New York with the lovely Liselott.
We are snowed in! My tv interviews cancelled...we're still snug in bed in an apartment
Gkids Eric Beckman organised for us. just hope our plane to LA still works out!
Tonight should be the opening of the NYICFF and tommorow we are supposed to be going to
the Emerald Ball...hope its all still possible in this snowstorm!

Anyway pretty cool link below- its a bit surreal to be reviewed on NPR.
only moan I have is they compared the movement to Saturday Morning cartoons! Jeesh.
Stylised animation is different to limited...ahh maybe they meant Samurai Jack? I'll take it as a compliement if so!


  1. Dear Tomm,
    I wouldn't worry about this guy's limited vocabulary or, more important, his ability to miss the point. Hopefully, Oscar for Best animated feature is not about quantity of hi-tech included. Enjoy NY!

  2. Animation in the US still suffers from the stigma of being a "children only" artform. Many adults continue to associate cartoons with the Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the 70s and 80s and I think that reviewer is no exception.

    It's great to hear NPR covering the film though, especially on their flagship evening programme :)

    PS. I look forward to meeting you at the screening tomorrow too, I just hope I can make it up there with this weather!

  3. Huhu...

    Didn t know u were there.. I was stuck in NY s airport all Friday!

  4. "Saturday Morning cartoons" ?

    Well, don't feel too insulted . NPR frequently gets things wrong. They are not very careful researchers there and will frequently let all kinds of misinformed opinion get on the air from their hosts. But at this point it's all about promoting the film and creating the buzz , so any publicity is good I suppose. Hopefully the Oscar nomination (and win ?) will create a wave of interest in the film that results in a wider theatrical release here in the U.S.