Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Buy the Dvds

Ok, so everyone is asking about the movie now...and I gotta say why not buy a copy from our website and check it out?
I'll even do a sketch for ya!

C'mon people!


  1. Hi Tomm

    I've watched The Secret of Kells 4 times and I am delighted to see your well deserved Oscar Nomination. Well done to all involved.

    I lecture part time to American Graphic Design students based in Dublin on Celtic Iconography and I've used the film to show how Irish animators and storytellers use Celtic symbolism compared to The Simpsons and Hollywood's view of Ireland(I also show them The Simpsons episode set in Ireland).

    I brought a bunch of students to see it in the cinema and then bought the DVD to show other students who loved it (and my kids - they love Pangar Bán). I was watching it with students yesterday and saw the news after the class. The illustration style is really strong and the sets and movement of the characters are amazing.

    The film is a great example of how we can treat our Cultural Heritage, without cliché and with a contemporary sensibility. This Irish identity has been hijacked in recent years by politicians and touristic Paddywhackery and it's great to see a beautifully crafted representation of Irish culture.

    Well done

    Francis Curran
    Design & Art Direction
    26 St. Kevins Road
    Dublin 8
    Tel: + 353 1 473 2011
    Mobile: + 353 86 2509366

  2. Absolutely! But can I get a copy in proper format for the US? Can't seem to find one anywhere.

    Michigan, USA

  3. Will the copy available from your site play in North America, or do we ex-Pats need to wait for a regionaly correct version?

  4. After hearing of the nomination of the movie I watched trailers on Youtube and it looks great; so I placed my order for a DVD copy to be sent to me in Canada. Good luck with the Oscars. I look forward to viewing the whole film.

  5. What a totally beautiful movie you have made. I cannot wait to see it in the US. And oh, i'm glad other people can see the beauty of your work. I do wish we could get a US correct version now!

  6. I would 100% buy it if it were released here in the US. Will it be? I'm absolutely dying to see it now. I only found out about this wonderful film yesterday with the Oscar nominations. Well done! I'll be rooting for you even though I haven't really seen it yet--only clips. By the way, bought the soundtrack. Great music!

    This film is right up my alley, being Celt-Norse myself.

  7. The DVD will be in region 2 so you can either get one of these: (

    or wait for few more months for North America DVD release. Help Tomm and everyone at Cartoon Saloon by not going to file sharing sites. I know it's very tempting, but this is one of the films that you need to see it in high quality format for its full beauty.

    BTW, I hope this Oscar nom could mean that English version of graphic novels will get published soon. I've been waiting for those in ages!

  8. I also would love a NTSC/US version. And I'm also very pleased about the Oscar nod. Great job!!!

  9. Tomm! Anyway I can get a DVD shipped over to Malaysia? I really really need to see this movie. great job on the film, I absolutely adore the style of the animation. And good on you for the nomination

  10. Yay, how great that you are getting the attention you all deserve! I've been promoting your film among my friends since I first saw it at the Barbican during the London Children's Film Festival. I bought two copies of the DVD from the Kila website (was quite hard to track down at the time) before Christmas. What's with the UK? Why does nobody around here seem to know about this animation? Well, it'll all change now. Look forward to finally seeing it advertised in all major cinemas.

    All the best to all of you, and thank you for a great movie! Eva

  11. Oh, I never, never go to file-sharing sites. Being a writer, I know how important it is that the artists behind the work get acknowledged and compensated for their talents. I will wait for the US DVD to come out. In the meantime, I will be content with the music and perhaps be inspired to write my own Celtic tale.

    Again, well done, all of you, and especially Tomm!

  12. Deat sir.

    As a Dutchman living in Moscow I could not make one meaningful statements about Irish culture were I tortured. But nevertheless I enjoyed your film very much - as it invokes the best of both the first Indiana Jones and Tarkovski's Rubljov, but whereas the one movie is too fast and sentimental and the other is too slow and demanding, the pace of 'kells' is perfectly pitched, humane. Thank you very much.

  13. Does anyone know if a PAL format DVD play's on an american laptop? specifically a Apple Macbook? I would really adore to buy the DVD, especially with an accompanying sketch, what an opportunity!

  14. Congrats on the Annie! Brilliant work.
    I'll be picking up my copy in a few months when it hits the US.

    Keep it up.

  15. Hi Tomm,

    The DVDs are sold out already!! When is it to be available again? Btw, I am of the opinion that you deserve to win the Oscar. "Up" is a very good film, but "Kells" is richer in its integration of history, analogy and symbols. This is a film that could be watched many times over and still have hidden meanings revealed continuously. It is a film worthy of study! I thought the ending, though calculated, was perfect. And, I love Pangur Ban. Please sign me up for the next batch of DVDs.

    Best regards,
    Robert (Taiwan)

  16. I have to ask, partly from ignorance of how dvds are scheduled - I understand it is coming in the US in a few months, but why the wait so long for a US (major market) release, even without an Oscar nom?