Friday, January 16, 2009

travelling around

well, I thought this year would be a little more settled than last but looking at all the various promo stuff to do in France, Belgium and Ireland it seems more and more likely that I will once again be to Dublin Airport what Tom Hanks was to that other airport in that movie about him being in an airport all the time. sigh.
Still its all for a good cause it has to be said.

The Dublin launch seems likely to be the Dublin Film Festival screening and I hope it will possible for us to do something in Kilkenny soon after but before the official release.

The mad thing is on the day of the release in Ireland (March 6) I will be in Cartoon Movie pitching Song of the Sea.

But maybe thats as it should be.

Anyway heres a colour rough I made for thr cover of the Aisling comic yesterday.
Like the first one its an adaptaion of the second half of the movie using production artwork but with an extra bonus "prequel" about Aisling at the start.


  1. WHere can we buy the books? I want, badly.

  2. Your stuff always rocks Tomm! Do you think we could get a Brendan screening here at the animation workshop in Denmark!? I know the gang would LOVE it!