Monday, January 05, 2009

screenings and premieres

Well, this week I am off to the Paris screening and then up to Liege to work on Song trailer with the fine folks in Digital Graphics.

And its a busy old time these next few weeks with screenings in various places, theres the Dublin Film Festival on the 22nd February, and Brussels Anima on the 26th February.
Theres is an advance screening in Brussels on the 6th of Feb.

Theres a screening in Berlin near the start of the Festival there also.

Its all fierce busy.


  1. Are there any plans for screening The Secret of Kells in the U.S.? If so, where and when?

  2. I don't know the secret of Kells but i know one thing : People of Kells is so nice !!!
    I went to Kells for the first time so many year ago(34 years) and i went back 4 years ago...(i still know few people)
    Everybody in the world knows "the book of Kells" but they can't imagine that "Kells" is a really lovely town. Who go to Kells when they visite Ireland... Nobody and it's not fare !!!
    I live just beside Paris so excuse my english, please !
    I say "hello" to all irish people !


  3. Hold on, there's yet to have even been any in Britain. I've been half-expecting it to show up at the Leeds Young People's Film Festival in April '09, but it may not have even been submitted…

    Of course, I'd forgo it for an actual UK release before, say, the end of the year, but that becomes increasingly unlikely with each passing day that news of it being picked up for distribution here does not occur. Even with all that current situation blah blah blah I cannot understand how anyone in a position to do so could see something as cute as this and not license it. But then again, I'm not exactly good at predicting other people's reactions…