Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Paris with the Moore Clan

Drinking "Barrys" tea with my family here in Paris!

had great meal in Le potager du marais - great veggie restaurant.

Tommorow morning before the screening meeting with Celluloid Dreams to discuss strategy for international releases ...hold on UK, US and every where else we still hope to get out there after the Irish, French and Belgian release.

Ok wish us luck with the screening and making of presentation tommorow!



  1. Hello there from Southeast Asia!! I'm a student working in a magazine, and I was suppose to look for animated movies to preview in our magazine, Echo, that has to be within the first six months of 2009. I saw a bit of the footage for your film and was very impressed.

    Do you know Mr. Tomm, if your film will be shown in the Southeast Asian region, specifically Malaysia? It's the country north of Singapore... it will be a great pleasure and honour to have your film in Southeast Asia.

  2. Good luck at the screening! And where's that english trailer?!

  3. Good Luck, not that you need it. As soon as you know the story with japan let me know! Im dying to see rebel.

  4. Cool to hear you are in talks about an international release! Kells looks fantastic and it would be great if the rest of the world can see it. Good luck with the screenings!

  5. very nice screening presentation !!!

  6. Glad to see you're flying the flag for Barry's Tea in France.

    Have a good day!

    Matt from Barry's Tea

  7. I 've seen the screening and making of presentation, it was very nice. Really great for your first film! So now, i'm impatient to see "song of the sea" =)

  8. Sorry, Zhi-Li here again... just realized I didn't put my mail on this. May I please get a reply from you on my last post, thank you. jacques.emotion@gmail.com

  9. I just saw a trailer posted to Youtube from Celluloid Dreams for Kells and it was fantastic. Just when I thought what I saw in the French trailer couldn't be topped, Celluloid releases this trailer and handily beats it.

    Keep up the great work Tomm, and good luck with premiere in the weeks ahead!