Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Paris screening 2

Well, it seemed to go well, the kids enjoyed it I think.
We got some really great comments, questions and observations from some of the
youngsters in the audience afterwards.
it was a relief too that even some of the younger kids said they enjoyed the "scary" bits.
as usual, i think as adults we underestimated how sharp and on the ball kids are.
i had some really intelligent and interesting questions to deal with.

Bruno Coulais was there and he was happy with finished product too!

the team from digital graphics in liege came down to see it en masse also.
it was great to see them all.

Fabrice and I gave the making of talk at 6pm and it seemed to go down well too.

celluloid dreams have a good strategy in place starting with the premiere in Berlin.
we are planning a lot of screenings around france this month too.

so a few more interviews today and then off to liege with fabian.


  1. That's good; I think some of my friends who've also been following the movie were excited to see it but were afraid the general public would find it too "artsy". But personally I don't think design style has son much an effect on the average moviegoer as the story or content, or tone of humor; hear me go on like I know anything about it :)...

    Anyway, I hope the movie's a success, cause I can only imagine what you guys could do once you got a good track record.... I get the impression Skunk Fu's doing pretty well.

  2. I was at the screening in Paris, and I just want to congratulate you and all the crew for that forward-looking and wonderful film ! The character design (like the vikings !) and background design and colours were just perfectly awesome, and so was Bruno Coulais' music !! Though the film aspect appeared to me really new and original (so was the unusual calm rythm of the end too, the journey and the return of Brendan to Kells), all these elements brought me in an old and medieval irish and celtic atmosphere like I would not have expected. My only regret is that as a french spectator I did not learn a lot of things about what contains the book of Kells.

    Wish you the best for your next feature film !