Sunday, January 25, 2009


Here i am in Brussels in a fancy suite in the Metropole hotel -
this is by far the swankiest hotel i've ever stayed in! jacuzzi, chandeliers, all that fancy smancy stuff.
just wish Liselott was here too :(
but it was lovely to meet Marie Laure and Frits tonight in Groupil le fol.
that cafe with the dark smoky rooms paintings and drawings on every spare inch of wall and squashy couches is one of the reasons i love coming back to Brussels.
they do these fruity wines....mmmmm

anyway a busy day of interviews and promo stuff tommorow so i'd better sleep a bit.

btw some local and non-kells related news-

i have to mention that the first kilkenny vegetarian society no meat and greet was a great success last night!
A much greater number of vegans,veggies and curious omnis showed up than we expected !
got to sample some excellent veg homecooking! nice!
the "bring back black sabbath bean cassarole" being a favourite for sure....
looking forward to the next one already!


  1. Hi
    I'm Christine a french journalist and I'ld like to do an interview via email about your career and your work for Brendan.
    You can contact me on: and my website is

  2. Hi Tomm,

    how are you doing?
    I've heard from Marie-laure you won't be on the premiere here in Belgium. Too bad...
    Well, I hope you are doing fine!
    Hope to work with you again!
    For the moment I'm working on a cool project:
    But not as cool as brendan ;)
    Cheers Michélé

  3. Tomm, been looking forward to this since Cliodhna first clued me into it a while back. Any idea when it is likely to get a release in the UK? I'm just posting a bit on the Forbidden Planet blog about it again (we're mostly comics and SF but I try to cover animation too), if you find out about a UK release feel free to drop me a line -