Monday, September 28, 2009

picture from la screening

thanks to Jamie Kezlarian Bolio for these pics from the La screening on facebook!


  1. I just have to vent somewhere, so here it goes. I've been following this film for a long time now, and I stayed up late to buy tickets for the LA screening as soon as they went on sale. Before hand I had e-mailed the distribution company numerous times encouraging them to release Kells both in theaters nation wide and on DVD soon. I couldn't wait to see Kells. A friend of mine even tried to order the French DVD from a French website, and they informed her that they don't ship that item to the U.S. The day of the screening a bunch of stuff happened, and I ended up not going. Who knows when Kells will be in LA again?! I can't believe I missed it. I really hope the DVD comes out soon or something.

  2. I agree with Digi D I really hope it comes to Dvd soon.

  3. So glad I trekked up to Santa Monica to see it, I am also hoping to see it on DVD in America soon, I have been telling everyone about it!

  4. It's almost October and I haven't heard a thing about Empire's October release. I really want to see it released in theatres (and not straight to DVD) at least for it to be eligible for Oscars.

  5. Hi, Tomm! I'm writing from Brazil and I'm very happy because I had the wonderful chance of seeing this marvelous movie! It was showed at an international cinema festival for children (FICI - and I saw it with my daughter. She loved! She loved the characters, the story, the places, the monster, the animals, the music... And she asked me if I could find the lyric of the Aisling song, the song that the girl sings to put some spell in the cat. It's a very beautiful song! I love it too! Could you send that lyric, please?
    Congratulations! The movie is great! If someday I can find it here in DVD, I will buy it for sure.
    Thank you!

    Izabel Crivelli