Monday, September 14, 2009

Dinner with Docter

Had dinner last night after the UP premiere with Pete Doctor and Jonas Rivera, really nice fellas.
Pete had almost completely lost his voice from the publicity campaign trail though.
I have some souvenir scraps of paper with Carl Fredrickson on one side and his kind answers to my questions written out on the back!

Anyway it was very nice of Trish and Ruth to invite me and the family along and its almost exactly a year to the day that we had lunch with Pete in Emeryville. Time is just flying.

I gave him and Jonas a signed print and some original art from the comics and a copy of the DVD so hopefully they will let us know what they think of it.

It was my second time seeing Up, this time in 3d. I cried in the same places. And laughed at the same stuff. Its that good.

Right so, tomorrow its off to Vancouver ....

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