Thursday, September 03, 2009

My own designs ....

I recently decided to dig thru' the years of development art .
I want to seperate out my own work to make a portfolio site for myself as a designer and illustrator.
Also, I think it would be nice to make a limited run of an Art of book to sell on the saloon website.

Anyway heres some charcter designs I did back in 2004 and I still like them in a lot of ways.
It looks like we might have had a bit more malleability in Brendan's face if we had stuck with this approach...


  1. I remember seeing some of the concept stuff a few years back in Kilkenny when they were on display at the animation Festival. I fell in love with it then and to be sure the final piece didn't disappoint. Only downfall was I didn't get the opportunity to see it in the cinema because I'm currently based in the UK without any local screenings. :( but now I have my DVD copy extras and all. :) Inspiring work lads. You've really done the country proud with this one.

  2. oh wow. this stuff is great! thanks for posting it, tomm.

    I love combing through this blog to find the character and concept stuff.

    Kells hasn't made it out here yet, but I've been kept up-to-date by some friends in Europe and one of my teachers at the Vancouver Film School who has pencil tests, that are gorgeous by the way.

  3. Sign me up for that "Art of" book when that happens!

  4. looking great there tomm! let me know when you stick yer designs on a blog of their own...
    laters dude