Friday, March 07, 2008


So, here we are in Potsdam, at Cartoon Movie. A nice event where all the european co-producers meet once a year for drinkipoos and deals to be made.
We saw some gorgeous animated features , The Three Robbers, Luuuuucky Luke , Nocturna and others.
We met some old friends and some new ones.
Benoit Feroumont presented his very interesting and beautifully designed project Macrales.
The presentation of Brendan was nice. It was Didier Brunners birthday and we all sang him a birthday song at the end of the presentation.

Going into Berlin now to meet Adrien for some discussions on Song of the Sea, and of course more drinkipoos.
Then its back to the grind for the "last straight line" to the end as Vivianne calls it!
The music, the editing, more compositing...all ahead of me.
Next week I am in Paris, Liege, Brussels. whew.


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  1. hi i really love the desingns and sketches for the film :) i hopee it comes out in england, will it be traditional handdrawn or cgi or stopmotion?

    good luck with the film hope to see it soon,

    from matt

    p.s im an animation student so any advice would be greatly apreciated :)